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Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department

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The field of Electrical & Electronics Engineering is highly dynamic and exciting as it provides excellent career opportunities in all sectors of society. The electrical & Electronics engineering advancements reshape our modern society in all aspects including health, business, education and entertainment. The Electrical & Electronics Engineers design and implement a wide range of systems such as power generation, transmission and distribution, telecommunication networks, electrical machines and modern industrial control systems. The Electrical & Electronics Engineering curriculum is a four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The course has been designed with the aim of providing breadth and depth of knowledge and significant design experience across the key areas of Electrical and electronics engineering that evolve with society needs.

The Electrical and Electronic Engineering courses, which dealt with the education and training mainly on electrical energies, IC devices, and their fundamentals and basic materials, have been reorganized to the Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering courses by expanding the original fields so as to involve the electronic materials and information communication systems. The aim of the under graduate courses of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering is to educate and train students to yield engineers and researchers of the next generation for their advanced core fields of electronic materials, electrical engineering, integrated electronics and information communication technology.