Gyan Ganga College of Technology

Women Empowerment-Cell

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Women Empowerment Cell of our college is established to empower our women students and staff to make them understand and react suitable to the issues pertaining to women students. This cell creates a feel in them that our college campus is a haven and second home to them. In addition to discussing their issues and concerns, the cell creates awareness of rights and responsibilities. The cell helps them in finding ways solutions. The cell functions arduously to enchance their status and thereby empowers them intellectually Guest Lectures, Seminars, Workshops and various awareness programmes are arranged under the auspices of this cell to empower women students. This cell renders its support to our women-staff also.

To sensitize the college community on the need for empowerment of women
To counsel women boarders and non resident women students
To enable the College community understand the role of everyone in empowering women students
To help women students understand their strength and potential
To convene various sensitization programmes
To provide help, in case of necessity round the clock