Gyan Ganga College of Technology

Rural Outreach Program

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With its recent amendment in the syllabus of the students of Bachelor of Engineering under CBCS Scheme, Rajeev Gandhi Prodyougiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal has introduced a new subject- Rural Outreach Course: HU112. This subject aims primarily at acquainting the students with the social, economical and cultural scenarios of the rural India with a view to inculcate in them a sense of duty towards the deprived and less fortunate sections of our society. Under this programme, the students’ sensitivity and intellectual potential is harnessed so as to give them a vision to make substantial contribution to the progress of our nation by virtue of their innovative ideas and their successful implementation.

In this course, students are required to visit varied rural areas, approach the concerned authorities and individuals of the village and gather relevant information from them about decisive factors of their prevalent social, educational and economical status. This gives an exposure to the students not only about the existing challenges and obstacles on the way to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of rural areas but also it impels them to direct their intellectual potential towards handling these challenges and overcoming the obstacles. In addition, pursuing these tasks also add to the improvement of students’ inter as well as intra-personal skills which play vital role in their personal, educational, social and professional life.

Although the course is solely to be completed by students themselves, they do so under the constant guidance and support of their respective faculty members who as a catalyst keep the required pace of their students so that learn to accomplish assigned tasks successfully yet timely.